Delmege's year 2004 family event photo page

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Winter Basketball Andy's Finney basketball team
Feb. Katie A special necklace
February Matt's band At a church in Hamlin
Feb Whritenor's Roberts and Houghton basketball game
March Arizona trip REDCOM trip to the JITC Lab in Arizona
The Kittens Random kitten photos
March 5 Katie's birthday Turning 17
Wacka pictures Some photos of Wacka
April 7 Ben's birthday Ben turns 15
April 7 Casey Dehn Danielle born on Ben's birthday
April 11 Easter Egg hunt and family
General photos Random photos from the year
April 12-16 Flower city Andy at Flower City Work Camp
April 25 Matt's birthday He turns 20
May 7 Jr. prom Katie and Ashley with
Chris and Nick
May 9 Mother's day Happy mom's day
May 27 Sr. Prom Ashley and Ashley
June 12 Kelly and Paul The Wedding of Kelly Walsh and Paul Lackey
June 19 Graduation Ashley and Dave's graduation night
June 20 Graduation party The big party
July 17 Air show Rochester Air Show - Blue Angels
Aug Kenya Katie and Ashley in Kenya
Aug. 28 Elim Ashley goes to Elim for College
Sep. 8 School Wakka hits first grade
Sept Katie Sr. pics Senior pictures of Katie
Fall Soccer Andy's Finney soccer team
Oct. Square Dance Dr. Goodfellow's birthday party
Oct. 27 Lunar Eclipse Full Eclipse from 9:00 pm to 2:00 am
Oct. Rings Photos of Jerry Caplan's rings
Nov Ashley school Dorm life with Ashley
Nov Engineering REDCOM's Engineering department
Dec Christmas Friends and family at Christmas