Delmege's year 2007 family event photo page

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Jan Finney Basketball JV Girls - go Kailey
Jan/Feb Ashley Ashley's Rendom Pictures from January-February
Jan The Fish It's a winner
Feb Genesis The Winter Bash
Feb Wedding Brandon and Crystal
Feb Baptisums They take the plunge
March Retreat Joy men's retreat
Winter Cats The silly cats
March Elim Banquet Jr/Sr Banquet for Elim Bible Institute
March Babys Baby dedications
March Katie She is 20!
March Ashley Ashley turns 21
March Charlson Ashley and Jim go to Charelston
March Kristin Graduation beauty school
April Summer team Ashley's summer ministry team
April Ben Ben's 18th birthday
April Easter A great dinner
April Work day A GMC work day
April Elim Graduation day at Elim
April Sunday school Jim's great sunday school kids
April Baptisums More people go under
April Engagged They will tie the knot
May Chocolate Finney chocolate fundraiser
May Prom Andy's Jr./Sr. prom with Britney
May Mom Mother's day
May Golf Finney golf team
May Maddison A great birthday
May Communion Some kids take first communion
May Daughters Dad and the crazy girls
April Matt A fun brithday
May The tree Alex and Niclole in the tree
May Dana Dana and Ashley hanging out
June 10 Graduates Some graduates at Church
June 11 Guys softball Joy guys softball team
June 12 Girls softball Joy girls softball team
June 17 outdoor service Joy Community outdoor service
June 22 soccer at paytec Andy's Chili team plays at Paytec
June 23 Ben's graduation High school graduation day
July flowers Some flower shots
July 4 July 4th Sparklers on July 4th
July 21 Andy soccer Andy's Chili soccer team
Aug 2 Bill's training Bill's training camp at Fisher
Aug 18 Summer ends A fun day at the end of summer
Aug 21 back to school Katie moves back to school
Aug 21 birds Florida birds
Aug 22 airplane Shots from the airplane back from Florida
Sept 22 Stuff Some random stuff
Aug 29 Genisis party Fall party with Genisis
Sep 8 Finney soccer Girls play Bishop Carney
Sep 10 Finney soccer Boys play Centrial Christian
Sep 15 Finney soccer Boys homecoming - Webster Christian
Sep 15 Finney soccer Girls homecoming - Webster Christian
Sep 15 Finney soccer Homecoming Cerimonies
Sep 22 Finney soccer Boys play Webster Christian
Sep 25 Finney soccer Girls play Lima Christian
Oct 1 Finney soccer Boys play Park
Oct 5 Sue's birthday A great birthday
Oct 7 Dad's birthday Grandpa Jim's 80'th birthday
Oct. 11 Volleyball Finney's girls volleyball
Oct 11 Finney soccer Girls play SOTA
Oct 13 Finney soccer Boys play Gananda
Oct 13 Finney soccer Grils play East
Oct 17 Finney soccer Boys play Lima Christian
Oct 20 Work day GNOC work day
Oct 24 Finney soccer Girls play Mt. Morris
Oct 27 Ashley ball Ashley and friends help out at a ball
Oct. 27 Football Finney's boys football
Oct 28 apples Making apple pies
Oct 31 halloween Who are those cute kids
Oct Church kids Some kids from Jr. Church
Nov 3 Andy's birthday Andy turns 17
Nov 6 Another birthday One of Ashley's friends has a birthday
Nov 18 Flags Some Joy kids learning flags
Nov 18 Talent show Joy youth group does a talent show
Nov 18 Elim students Elim students helping out at Joy
Nov 20 Grape pies Making grape pies
Nov 21 Food Hope shop gets food ready
Nov 23 Big TV We get a big TV - thanks Andy
Nov 24 Reunion New Hope youth group reunion
Nov 25 Family A family photo
Dec 7 Party at Jackie's Engineering Christmas party at Jackie's house
Dec 9 Carpenters Shelia introduces her fiance
Dec 14 REDCOM party Another great party at Woodcliff
Dec 15 Christmas tree Getting the best christmas tree ever
Dec 15 Joy staff party Joy Church staff gets together
Dec 16 Christmas show Joy Community Christmas show
Dec 20 Food Hope shop gets food ready for Christmas
Dec 21 Living nativity Joy does a living nativity