Delmege's year 2010 family event photo page

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Jan 1 New Year's Slide Show Ashley's New Year's Eve Bash
Jan 15 Cheer Slide Show Cheerleaders at Lima Game
Jan 15 Banners Slide Show Finney Raises Section Five
Championship Banners
Jan 15 Boys Slide Show Boys play Lima Christian
Jan 15 Girls Slide Show Girls play Lima Christian
Takiya hits 1000 points!!!
Jan 28 Jazz Slide Show A Jazz night to benefit the GNOC
Thanks to the Great Big Gaspar Group!
Feb 8 Dora Canal Slide Show A trip down the Dora Canal in Florida
Feb 10 Girls JV Slide Show JV Finney Girls Basketball vs. BK
Go Falcons!
Feb 10 Girls Slide Show Varsity Finney Girls Basketball vs. BK
Nice game girls!
Feb 14 Drawing Slide Show Jeremy Sniatecki draws beautiful art during the service.
Feb 14 Baptisms Slide Show Baptisms on Valentine's Day
Feb 27 Steve Palmer Slide Show Wayne Eagles BasketBall Game
March 2 Finney Girls Slide Show Semi-Final Sectional Game
March 3 Finney Boys Slide Show Semi-Final Sectional Game at RIT
March 5 Katie's Birthday Slide Show Happy Birthday Kate
March 6 Finney Boys Slide Show Final Sectional Game at Blue Cross Arena
March 3 & 6 Finney Cheerleaders Slide Show The Girls Cheer on the Falcons
March 27 Isaiah 6 Slide Show Isaiah 6 CD Release Worship Night
April 16 Love Justice Slide Show An evening to sheed light on human trafficking. Thanks Michelle!
April 7 Ben Birthday Slide Show Ben is now 21
April 18 Joy Kids Slide Show Joy Community Kids and the Elim Students, thanks Elim!
April 30 -
May 10
Japan None Jim and Sue visit Ashley in Japan
May 15 Amanda Rose Dance None Amanda Rose Belmont Dance at Charles Finney
May 21 Alissa Pictures Slide Show Some Fun Alissa Pictures
June 6 Youth Baptism Slide Show A Youth Service with baptisms
June 27 Tall Ship Slide Show A tall ship comes to Rochester
July 27 Girls Softball Slide Show Joy Community Girls Softball Team
July 11 Lanzone Baby Shower Slide Show Robin Lanzone's Baby Shower and lots of kid pictures
July 18 Mexico Team Slide Show The Mexico team returns to share their thoughts
Aug 15 Youth Service Slide Show Youth take over the service
Aug 21 Pat's Party Slide Show JCC's annual block party
Aug 22 Baby Dedication Slide Show Babies are dedicated to the Lord
Aug 28 Becky Birthday Slide Show Becky turns 30
Sept 6 DIGS Slide Show Delmege Invitational Golf Scramble
Sept 11 Photo Day Slide Show Katie and Dad do a photo outing
Sept 18 Elder Retreat Slide Show Elder's Retreat in the Fall
Sept 19 Steve Ash Slide Show Installation of Steve Ash as an Elder at Joy Community Church
Sept 25 Genesis Slide Show Genesis Peds - Fall Party
Oct 8 Waterfalls Slide Show Sue and Jim go on a waterfalls trip
Oct 8 Cool Waterfalls Slide Show Photoshop effects on some waterfall pictures
Oct 17 Baptism Slide Show Some people get dunked
Nov 5 Andy's Birthday Slide Show Andy is not out of the teens
Nov 11 Kids Sing Slide Show The JCC kids sing their hearts out
Nov 21 Bake Sale Slide Show Youth put on a bake sale
Nov 21 Water Fountain Slide Show Alissa at the water fountain
Dec 8 Graham Retire's Slide Show Graham says it is time to relax
Dec 19 Youth Banquet Slide Show Youth Christmas Banquet - photographer unknown
Dec 19 Alissa Present Slide Show Ashley's Birthday Present
Dec 25 Christmas Slide Show Christmas morning