Delmege's year 2012 family event photo page

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June 24 - July 8 Hatteras No Slide Show Summer Vacation at the outer banks
March 14 Roberts Lacrosse Slide Show Roberts Radier's big win!
March 29 Roberts Lacrosse Slide Show Roberts Radier's another home win!
April 7 Ben Birthday Slide Show Ben's birthday - 23
April 8 Easter Service Slide Show Easter Service at JCC
April 13 Roberts Lacrosse Slide Show Home game winning roll continues, Roberts is victorious!
April 24 Roberts Lacrosse Slide Show Last home game of the season, and yes another victory!
March & April Roberts Lacrosse Slide Show Come cool lacrosse photos with photoshop effects
April 28 Sprint Triathlon Slide Show Jim does a sprint triathlon
May 5 Graduation Slide Show Mel graduates from college
May 9 Family Slide Show Just a family photo in the yard
May 14 Weber Slide Show Weber becomes a US citizen
May 20 Ministry Fair Slide Show Ministry Fair Day at JCC
June 2 Cleanup Day Slide Show JCC does a Neigborhood Cleanup Day
June 2 Fun Photos Slide Show Photo shoot around town with Katie, Larissa and Dad
June 17 Cake Slide Show A nice cherry cake for Dad
July 17 Girls Softball Slide Show Joy Community Girls Softball Game
June 18 Golf Slide Show Golf Scramble for Elim Fellowship
June 23 Bubbles Slide Show Fun making bubbles
July 22 Beach Sevice Slide Show JCC has a sercice at the beach
Aug 17 GNOC Golf Teams Slide Show GNOC Golf Fundraiser Tournament - Team Photos
Aug 17 GNOC Golf Photos Slide Show GNOC Golf Fundraiser Tournament - Event Day Photos
Aug 25 Pat's Party Slide Show Joy Community Church Block Party
Aug 31 Elim Students Slide Show Elim Students Serve at Joy Community Church
Aug 31 GNOC Kids Golf Slide Show GNOC Kids Golf Outing
Sept 3 DIGS Slide Show Delmege Invitational Golf Scramble
Sept 16 Deb Birthday Slide Show Deb's Birthday - 29 again??
Oct 6 Fall Party Slide Show Genesis fall party at Springdale Farm
Oct 13 Fall Trip Slide Show Jim and Sue take a trip to wine country
Nov 21 Bird Slide Show A cool bird in our front trees
Dec 15 Gabby Dance Slide Show Gabby dances at The Father's House
Dec 16 Christmas Play Slide Show JCC Christmas Play
Dec 16 Birthday Slide Show Micah (2) and Alissa (6) birthday party
Dec 18 Christmas Ballet Slide Show Christmas Show
Dec 23 Martorana Slide Show Tony and Susan have everyone together for Christmas
Dec 25 Deb and Alissa No Slide Show Deb and Alissa on Christmas morning
Dec 25 Golf with Phil No Slide Show Phil James and some buds play golf
Dec 25 Mill Creek No Slide Show Joy kids spend a day on the golf course