Delmege's year 2016 family event photo page

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-- Miscellaneous Some photos from the year
-- Asher More Asher pictures
Jan. 1 Olive Birthday Olivia turns 9
Jan. 15 Elder's Retreat Some pictures at the lake
Feb 3 Florida Visit Trip to Tampa
Feb. 13 Square Dance A fun dance night at church
Feb. 21 Romes The cat that thinks me is a dog
March 5 Katie Happy birthday
March 12 Bike riding Hope Shop - Thanksgiving
March 17 Ashley's birthday Happy birthday
March 20 Dresses Some sweet Easter dresses
April 16 At the park A nice day at the park
Aug. 20 Eric and Ashley Engagement weekend
March 27 Olivia Olivia with a chick
April 29 Art Show Mom at the art show
May 6-7 Lanzone Visit A Weekend to Remember Deb
May 9 Memorial Day A visit to the Vietnam Memorial
May 16 Alissa Fun Alissa pics
May 21 Amish Visit Our friends visit and we go to Niagra Falls
May 22 Amish Visit Downtown vist
May 24 Corporate Challenge REDCOM at the 3.5 mile run
May 28 Jimmy Graduation High School Graduation Day
June 20-23 Glamping Glamor Camping in Ithaca
June 25 Pool swan Fun in the pool
July 3 Kayak Kayaking in Churchville
July 8 + Asher Some photos of Asher James Wellington Delmege
July 16 Summer Fest Joy Community Church Block Party
July 24 Asher First photos of a 18 year project
July 30 Saia visit A day for a family visit and honor Winnie Saia
Aug 4 Dean and Mary First meeting of the Asher
Aug 5 GNOC Golf Golf Scramble
Aug. 13 Pool Swan A day floating in the pool
Aug. 23 JoyCC Women's Softball Championship night, and they won it all!
Aug. 27 John and Bri Wedding Beautiful day and a beautiful couple!
Sept 11 Amish Visit A trip to PA to visit our Amish friends
Sep. 24-25 Boston Trip Visiting the city, family and remembering my uncle David
Oct. 1 Genesis Outing Dinner at the Zoo with Genesis Periatrics
Nov 3 GNOC Banquet Fundraiser Dinner
Nov. 13 Remembering Deb's headstone
Nov. 19 Turkey Giveaway Hope Shop - Thanksgiving
Dec 18 Christmas Play Joy Community Church
Dec. 25 Christmas Some Christmas pics